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screen protector Factory Pricing

Factory Pricing

You are buying directly from our factory so that you can get the best wholesale price and special offer in bulk.

screen protector Turnkey Solution

Turnkey Solution

With 20+ Years Experiences in Phone&Tablets Accessories industry, we cooperated with 313+ different factories.

5~15Days Fast delivery

Most Goods with ready stock in warehouse,delivery can be done in 5 days.OEM about 7~15days

About Cscases

Leading industry of Phone&Tablets Accessories

Cscases Group Co., Ltd is a specialized supplier of Smart phone and Tablet&Computer&Laptop&E-reader accessories ,focus on consumer electronics accessories. Adhering to good business ethics, we are orientating ourselves as a serious and reliable partner for all customers.We can provide you products exactly with different Design/Material/Function/Quality/Price,based on your requirement,especially for cases,screen protector,keyboard protector.

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Phone&Tablets Accessories Major Products

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2021 new iPhone 13 screen protectors


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Why choose CSCASES

With over 13 years of Screen Protectors,Cases manufacturing experience, we have the right knowledge, skill, and equipment to produce Phone&Tablets Accessories to build and improve your brand.

More than 13 year experience

Our Happy Clients Review

I’ve visited the China Screen Protectors manufacturers Factory in 2010. They pick up our team from Shenzhen to Dongguan,and are very professional Screen Protectors factory,handle each detail of production carefully. We have purchased so many Phone&Tablets Accessories without any quality problems. I trust CSCASES very much.

It was a wonderful experience working with CSCASES. Thanks for sparing no effort to help me deal with every detail of the order for Screen Protectors,Cases Projects. I don’t have to be in China to follow up on my Brands and Products.They are trustful,Professionalism and on time delivery.It was a very easy cooperation.Thanks for support.

We can help building your Brand

  1. Graphic Design for packaging, label, etc:  Designers to help you design all kinds of Products,packaging,Carton Boxes,Labels,Display. It’s more cost-effective and efficient.
  2. Free Photography: We can offer 3~5 white background photos of each product.
  3. Lifestyle Photography: If free photos are not enough, our designers can help you make lifestyle photos by applying low-cost solutions. 
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